At Deighton Financial Services, one of our specialties is providing hybrid life/LTC insurance plans that cover long term care expenses.

There are many payment options for these kinds of policies, including:

  • Annual premium
  • 10 year paid up
  • 20 year paid up
  • Single premium

The single premium hybrid policies are sometimes referred to as 'asset-based long term care plans.'

The LTC coverage is called a 'long term care rider' or 'chronic illness rider.' Hybrid LTC insurance is a favorable alternative to traditional LTC insurance because hybrid policies are life insurance contracts that provide a death benefit and a guaranteed premium.

The premium guarantee is a valuable feature because it allows you to avoid the risk of volatile premium increases in the traditional LTC market.

If you never use the chronic illness benefit in your hybrid policy, you will leave a tax free death benefit to your beneficiary.

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